The past results of the Hallam Chase from 2006 to date. Older results are on the history pages

The event wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of members of Hallamshire Harriers. It requires 30 marshals and helpers for an event with 50-70 runners. This is a huge task and requires commitment and time from many people.

There is a lot of history around the Chase and there are always more experienced ex runners and officials about to discuss this with. Thanks go to Malcolm Douthwaite, Les Outwin, Keith Binney and David Price for their assistance over many years.

We are very grateful to the sponsor of the prizes for the past 12 years, Taylor and Emmet. Without their help we would not be able to reward the winners and thank the helpers.

As ever the events would not be possible without the fantastic support of Richard Storer and the Hallam Cricket Club

Up to 2014 the timing and results have been down to the hard work of Ian and Judy Thomas. Again without whom the event would not have been possible.

John Spencer has positioned all the runners in the handicap, for many years. He takes the information supplied on the entry form and then checks it for accuracy! This is a hard job as he tries to place runners in the correct place so they all finish together. John you are a star and this event wouldn’t work with out you